Xing Xi Tea Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Xingxi Tea Factory) is a leading tea processing company in Anxi County, Fujian, specializing in tea garden management, primary tea processing, and tea refinement.

        Xing Xi owns over 1,180 Mu (0.787 kilometer square) of tea garden at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level, of which 270 Mu are certified by BCS (Germany), COR(Canada)and NOP (U.S.A.)
       There are two primary tea processing facilities covering an area of 5,000 square meters at Xing Xi. In addition, the precision tea refining factory occupies an area of 6,660 square meters with more than 9,000 square meters of floor space. It is equipped with advanced automatic tea blending machines and automatic tea bag machines.

        With the motto “Diligent management, total quality control”, Xing Xi has now been awarded the Sanitary Certificate approved by CIQ ,ISO 9001:2000 certification and HACCP Certification. And because of its complete Safety Tracking System, Xing Xi was also recognized as one of the Leading Agricultural Enterprises of Quanzhou City in Fujian. It is permitted by Anxi authority to use the (Protected Geographic Indication) PGI-Anxi Tikuanyin logo. Due the high quality and cleanness, its famous brand “Geng Yun” was selected as one of the “strongly recommended brands” in Fujian Province and has passed China's food safety standards QS certification.

        We invite you to visit Xing Xi, and we look forward to discussing how we can help you.